Thomas Cook Travel Money Card

As one of the world’s leading travel companies and the oldest with a history that comes back all the way back to 1841. Thomas Cook has a wide range of products to assist holidaymakers during their time abroad Provides, and Thomas Cook travel money is one of those products. With Thomas Cook you can choose between ordering foreign currency and delivering it to your home, you can collect it in one of the Thomas Cook branches in the United Kingdom, or use a convenient travel money card.

Thomas Cook offers money options for travel trips and can help estimate while calculating their expenses every time they makes a payment in foreign currency. However, there are also other providers, and it is understood that each of them has to spend some time in research to provide, what type of fee they charge to you, as well as do not even forget to see their exchange rate.

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Thomas Cook uses two type of Travel money Card:

  1. Thomas Cook cash passport
  2. Lyk Card

Thomas Cook Cash Passport

Thomas Cook’s cash passport is another prepaid card that comes in 2 versions: a single currency prepaid card a or a multi-currency prepaid card that can hold up to 10 currencies. Thomas Cook is not issuing cash passport cards anymore, but if you have one of the previous visits, you will still be able to use it till the expiration date, and transfer your balance to the Lyk Card Are there.

Please note that cash passport fees and limitations are subject to variation in terms of terms and conditions.

Thomas Cook Cash Passport Fees Structure:


Card fee Please check this information with the Purchase Location
Fees charged for Load/Reload commission Free Free 2% Free Free Free Free
ATM fee per withdrawal 2.5 2 1.5 3.5 3.25 4 25
Purchase from merchant (e.g. shops and restaurants) Free Free Free Free Free Free Free
Monthly inactivity fee debited from your Card if it has not been used for 15 months 3.5 3 2 4.5 4 5025 35
Additional Card fee Free Free Free Free Free Free Free
Negative balance fee 15 15 10 20 20 25 140
Cash out fee through Card Services $9.50 E7.00 £6.00 $9.00 $9.50 $12.00 R75.00

Thomas Cook Cash Passport Limits Structure:


Limits GB£ AU$ CA$ NZ$ ZAR US$ EU
Max amount you can withdraw from ATMs in 24 hours 500 3,500 3,000 4,000 8,500 800 700
Max amount that you can spend at merchants in 24 hours 3,000 6,000 6,000 7,500 40,000 5,000 4,000
Min amount you can load on your Card 30 50 50 60 500 50 40
Max load and maximum balance allowed on your Card at any one time 5,000 15,000 13000 17000 85000 9,000 7,500
Max load over 12 months 18,000 45,000 39,000 51,000 2,50,000 30,000 25,500



Fess charged for adding funds to Cash Passport ·         2% if you load money in your GBP wallet

·         when you load money in another currency wallet then fees is not charged

Cash Passport ATM withdrawals fees using single currency Depends on the currency of the card:

·         GB£ 1.50

·         US$ 2.50

·         EUR 2

·         AU$ 3.50

·         CA$ 3.25

·         NZ$ 4

·         ZAR 25

·         ATM operator will be charged an additional fee

Cash PassportATM withdrawals using multi-currency Depends on currency:

·         GB£ 1.50

·         US$ 2.50

·         EUR 1.75

·         AU$ 2.30

·         CA$ 2.40

·         NZ$ 3

·         ZAR 20

·         TRY 5.40

·         CHF 2.20

·         AED 8

·         ATM operator will be charge an additional fee.

Use of single currency cash passport in currency separating money from wallet / card ·         For MasterCard Cash Passports: MasterCard exchange rate + 5.75%

·         For VISA Cash Passport: VISA exchange rate + 5% if it is gbp, eur or USD card, and + 5.75% for all other currencies

Using multi-currency cash passports in different currency from the currency of the wallet/card 5.75% foreign exchange fee


What is the Lyk card?

Lyk is necessarily upgrading version of Thomas Cook’s cash passport, which is being phased out. It allows customers to travel without cash in hand and works as a prepaid MasterCard (chip and pin and contactless) which can be used to make payments abroad. The card can be preloaded with ten essential currencies, and you can move freely among them.

Similarly, if you are trying to make a payment abroad, but the local currency you are using is not on the card (or insufficient funds), it will be automatically optioned with an optional fee Will apply the available currency from. There is no load charge for the card – however, you have to pay 2% of your transaction to move back into your cash in the pound. You can also manage all your credits on the app – which includes increasing money and posting it among currencies. The card itself is free to use for payment abroad. However, the ATM fee will be applicable as follows:

Adding funds to Thomas Cook Lyk card ·         2% if you load money in your GBP wallet

·         The fees is not charged when you load money in another currency wallet

ConvertingThomas Cook Lyk card balance into another currency No upfront fee
ATM withdrawals using Lyk card Depends on currency:

·         GB£ 1.50

·         US$ 2.50

·         EUR 1.75

·         AU$ 2.30

·         CA$ 2.40

·         NZ$ 3

·         ZAR 20

·         TRY 5.40

·         CHF 2.20

·         AED 8

·         ATM operator will be charge an additional fee

Using Lyk cards in a different currency than the wallet / card currency No upfront fee


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As it is a prepaid card, Lyk gives you the option of locking at a rate while top-up – which means that you will not fall during the market without fluctuations or high fees during your visit. Customers who sign up receive 20% from Thomas Cook Travel Insurance, and every time you take advantage of £50, Bingo Wi-Fi will get three months’ worth. However, do not be victims of small print. Whereas there is no transaction fee abroad, a foreign currency charge will be applicable depending on the rate of the selected day. If you fall below zero when doing the transaction, you will also be changed to a default £10. And, like a cash passport, after 15 months of inaction, the charge of £2 per month will be applicable if the balance on the card is applied.

How does your Lyk card work?

Lyk card is a chip and PIN protected prepaid MasterCard currency card. Before traveling on foreign currency exchange rates, you can load many currencies on it, and then use it in cash machines around the world to use your money quickly and safely. You can also pay for goods and services online and in the store.

Can you use your Lyk Card to shop online?

You can use your Lyk card online (within the limits and restrictions of your card) from any merchant who accepts MasterCard prepaid. Using your Lyk card in the currency, which trades in the online site (if it is one of your card’s currencies), then you know what your purchase will be, and the exchange rate will be used. Your liking of the card cannot be used to access money transfer (i.e., sending money to a third party) or to access money transfer services or to reach or buy goods from adult or gambling locations or internet sites, and It should also not be used for illegal activity. You must obey all laws and regulations (including any foreign currency controls) about the card in the country of purchase and use.

One Con:

In Lyk card, there is one con or we say a negative point. Unfortunately Lyk card cannot give you any cash back.

Please read this carefully if you think for Lyk card:

  • Top-up limitations are related to total card fund balance (across all currency vols) and cannot be crossed. Your maximum balance at any point in time cannot be more than £ 5,000, and your maximum balance in any 12 months cannot be more than £ 30,000.
  • For your security, from time to time, you can be restricted to as many top-ups as you can within 24 hours on online, mobile apps, and phone channels. If you have successfully reloaded through one of these channels, then you may have to wait up to 24 hours before recharging until you receive it through bank transfer or at the branch (where available). Do not load.
  • They can only accept payment from the registered type card holder
  • they cannot get reloaded from third parties
  • The top-ups will only be processed and received if the payment card name and the UK registered address exactly match the name and address on your liking account.

Thomas Cook’s Lky card Fees structure:


Fees Cost Explanation
Load/ Reload fee Free to load in ‘Foreign currency wallet’ using GBP. 2% for the load in the GBP currency wallet. Charges are levied only when you load money in your GBP Wallet. Like a commission fee
Additional Card fee Please check when buying online Charged to get extra card
Wristband fee Please check when buying online Charged to get the wristband
Replacement Card fee – plastic Card Free If your plastic card is lost, stolen or damaged, then you will need to send a new plastic card free of charge
Replacement Card fee – wristband GB£7.99 If you get your wristband stolen or damaged, then you are charged with sending a new wristband to your UK address.
Card use fee Free Your card is not charged for use in merchants (e.g., shops and restaurants). Some merchants may charge their fees
Foreign exchange fee Free No charge is taken, if your card is not used for transactions in a currency on your card or if you do not have enough balance in the local currency and the remaining other currency is taken from the wallet.
Currency transfer fee Free No money is charged while transferring money between currency wallet
Monthly inactivity fee GB£2.00 per month After the contract is terminated, the fee is paid after using or not loading your card for the transaction. No balance, no fee
Shortfall fee GB£10.00 If any transaction takes your balance (0) below zero, then the fee charged
ATM withdrawal fee ·         GB£1.50,

·         EU€1.75,

·         US$2.50,

·         AU$2.30,

·         CA$2.40,

·         NZ$3.00,

·         ZAR20.00,

·         TRY5.40,

·         CHF2.20,

·         AED8.00

Flat rate charges are charged, when cash is taken out of the machine. Some operators can charge
Cash out fee via Card Services (except in an emergency) GB£6.00 The card is charged to carry out your card through the service. Unless you choose to turn it off, your card will remain active
Cash out fee at the Purchase Location (in store) (except in an emergency) GB£6.00 GBP is charged for caching your card in-store. Unless you choose to turn it off, your card will remain active


Thomas Cooks’ Lky card Limits are:


Limits Amounts
The minimum amount you can load or reload online GB£10 in Currency equivalent
You can load or reload the minimum amount by another reload method GB£50 in Currency equivalent
You can withdraw the maximum amount in 24 hours, i.e. in the bank GB£150 or Currency equivalent
The maximum amount you can withdraw from ATMs in 24 hours GB£500 or Currency equivalent
Max amount you can spend at Merchants in 24 hours GB£3,000 or Currency equivalent
Max (re) load amount and max amount you can take on your card at any time GB£5,000 or Currency equivalent
You can load max amount in a period of 12 months GB£30,000 or Currency equivalent
you may hold maximum number of active accounts at any one time 1
Card life see Card for expiry date


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Thomas Cook travel money has two types of card:

First one is a cash passport, which is being issued step by step, but it can be used even if you already have it. Now, we tell you about cash passport card two versions:

  1. Single currency VISA or MasterCard card
  2. Multi-currency card

The second one is Lyk cards are prepaid MasterCard cards filled with British pounds. Your account balance can be kept in genuine, or you can put a separate “purse” in 9 currencies: Emirati Durham, Euro, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, South African Rand, New Zealand Dollar, Turkish Lira, Australian Dollar and Swiss Franc. With this card, you can pay for the goods and services abroad in the local currency. Top-ups will be done through an app or online.

As you can see, it pays to research travel options and available options for obtaining foreign exchange. So do not pay for unnecessary foreign currency charges. Spend some time to compare choices and choose the most cost-effective, and you have more money available to spend on what really matters.


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